Manuela Blanchard has been teaching contact improvisation and dance improvisation for more than 15 years. Manuela is also a tango dancer and a body therapist, trained in Californian massage and aquatic bodywork. She teaches regularly contact dance in water, studio and nature in Switzerland and abroad. For more informations, see www.earthandwaterdance.com






Ezequiel Sanucci is an all-round dance artist. For more than 30 years he’s been having an impressive career as a soloist dancer, teacher and choreographer in ballet, contemporary dance, Argentine tango, CI and more styles. He worked at many renowned dance companies in Europe and his native country Argentina and he performed in some of the most well-known theaters and festivals in the world. As a choreographer he created his own contemporary tango and contact tango style and his pieces were presented in top festivals. He is one of the pioneers of the Neotango and Contact Tango movement and an international DJ.






Julian Elizari Romeo was born in 1974 in Bs As, Argentina. He began taking classes wiht traditional tango teachers (milongueros) in Argentina. His curiosity about the movement led him to take different kinds of modern dance classes techniques from young age.

At the age of 22, he received his degree from the Institute of National Physical Education in Bs As, Argentina.

Learning different Techniques, as Release, Low flow and Contact Improvisation in Bs.As. He travel to Europe and Worked at the Lilia Bertelli school of “Danza e movimento”. Florence, Italy. He was then hired as an actor and after as dance tango teacher by the Isole Compresse Theatre company. Florence, Italy.

He explore always more Contact Improvisation developing his dances with different somatic and partner dances technique. Julian has been teaching Traditional and Modern Tango argentino
for more then 20 years in Europe and Argentina.

Currently he teaches regulary Tango and Contact Improvisation in Berlin and Contactango in different dance Festivals in Europe.